The use of illegal cell phone jammers poses a serious threat to public safety



The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently announced a massive $48,000 fine against a Florida man, Jason R. Humphreys. Humphreys was fined for using an illegal cell phone jammer while driving to prevent other passengers from using their phones.
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Humphreys lives in Seffner, Florida, and drives between Tampa and Seffner every day on Interstate 4. He reportedly used a cell phone jammer frequently over a period of 16 to 24 months. Initially, Metro PCS noticed the signal problem and reported it to the FCC. The FCC then worked with local law enforcement to track down the source of the interference and found it inside Humphreys’ SUV. After being caught, Humphreys admitted to the authorities that he used a signal jammer.

While many people may believe that using jammers can reduce drivers’ distraction from using their phones and thus improve road safety, it is illegal in the United States to sell or manufacture devices that interfere with cell phone signals. Such devices can interfere with normal communications, including emergency calls. The FCC made it clear that Humphreys’ actions could have disastrous consequences because the signal jammer not only prevented the use of ordinary mobile phones, but also prevented calls to the life-saving 9-1-1 service provided by the police, ambulance and fire departments. More seriously, the Florida police involved in the case reported that they were unable to communicate normally using two-way radios due to his signal jammer during the process of tracking Humphreys.

The FCC’s fine decision is not only a punishment for Humphreys’ personal behavior, but also a warning to others who may attempt to use similar jamming devices. The FCC has repeatedly emphasized that signal jammers not only threaten public safety, but also violate federal law. “Any attempt to interfere with wireless communications, especially in emergencies, is unacceptable. Such behavior will face severe legal and economic sanctions,” the FCC chairman said in a statement.

The use of mobile phone signal jammers not only interferes with personal communications, but also poses a serious threat to public safety. Signal jammers emit powerful radio signals that cover and block legitimate mobile phone signals, causing mobile phones to be unable to receive and send information normally. In an emergency, this interference may result in an inability to make rescue calls, delay the timing of emergency rescue, and cause immeasurable losses to public safety.

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