How to install and use a mobile phone jammer?



Choose a suitable cell phone jammer
Frequency band coverage: Choose the appropriate frequency band coverage according to actual needs. Most mobile phone jammers are able to cover 2G, 3G, 4G, and even 5G bands, and some can block WiFi and Bluetooth signals. cell phone jammer
Coverage: Choose an appropriate coverage range according to the size of the area to be shielded. Small jammers usually cover a range of several meters to tens of meters, while large jammers can cover hundreds of meters.
Brand and quality: Choose reputable brands and manufacturers to ensure product quality and Install a mobile phone jammer
Site selection: Choose a suitable installation location. Generally speaking, a mobile phone jammer should be installed in the center of the area where the signal needs to be shielded to ensure uniform signal coverage. Avoid installing the device in places with metal products or large electromagnetic interference.
Height: The installation height of the device should be as high as possible. It is usually recommended to install it at a height of 2 to 3 meters so that the signal can be better transmitted.
Fixing: Choose the appropriate fixing method according to the type of equipment. Small equipment can be placed directly on the desktop or wall, while large equipment may require professional mounting brackets for fixing.
Power supply: Make sure there is a suitable power supply. Most mobile phone jammers need to be plugged in to work. Make sure the power interface is safe and reliable, and avoid the power line being too long or damaged.

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