Tapas + Sangria = summer snacking☼ MAJO Tapas Paella Bar


Spanish tapas are perfect for when you can’t always decide on what exactly you want for dinner. MAJO Tapas Paella Bar is a vibrant and casual tapas and paella bar located in the heart of SoHo. 
MAJO is a dog-friendly restaurant which features indoor and outdoor seating that welcomes families, friends and even four-legged companions to relax in this urban oasis. All staff are friendly and polite.
The eatery offers an affordable and extensive tapas, paella menu and drink list. 


Spanish tapas and fruity Sangria are impeccable for summer snacking. 

Patatas Bravas $80
This is one of my all time favourite tapas and it is also a staple in tapas bars throughout Hong Kong. The creamy and smoky sauce is drizzled directly onto the potatoes before serving. 
The crispy, crunchy exterior is the perfect housing for the tender potato within. The portion is unexpectedly huge which could be shared between 2 to 3 people.


Gamba Ajillo $190
Shell are removed off the prawns and thus most of the flavour of the garlic oil ends up on the meat rather than the discarded shells.



This Spanish tapas name simply translates to “garlic shrimp.” And it totally lives up to it’s name: Big, juicy tiger prawn, swimming in a tasty, garlicy olive oil sauce.


Pulpo Y Papas Arrugadas a los dos mojos $160
The Instagrammable plating looks so attractive. It features rounds of tender octopus with potato, green foam and spicy red mojo sauce. 
Traditional Spanish cuisine is about proximity with emphasis on the freshness of the product, clearly this tapas is one of the finest delicacy in Spanish cuisine.


Paella Al Nero di Seppia $340
It is cooked to order and served in a traditional flat steel pan at the table. Indeed ordering one is enough to share between three or four people. 


This paella is a fragrant version made with squid ink, cuttlefish prawns, fava beans, and aioli. It is more than just flavor: it’s texture and aroma.

All of MAJO’s paellas are made with Bomba rice from Valencia, a short-grain rice that can absorb three times more liquid than similar varieties without breaking down. The result is a rice dish that is full of flavour down to the last grain. 


Torrija $80

Spanish style french toast, called “Torrijas”, are bread dipped in milk and eggs, pan fried, and topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar. As the bread is entirely saturated with the milky mixture and so it is soft and very moist inside. 

Hot and cold are really twin sensations. This dessert is served with homemade rich and nutty hazelnut ice cream which reminds me of Kinder Bueno.



We have ordered Tinto red wine sangria with cognac, berry liqueur and seasonal fruit and Blanco white wine sangria with gin, peach liqueur and seasonal fruit. Each glass is reasonably priced at $65. 


MAJO Tapas Paella Bar
G/F, 22 Staunton Street, Soho, Central





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