【孕媽好物分享?】Restoring Mums “Pregnancy Bodycare Kit” 如做Spa 一樣舒適?



Stretch Marks, what a terrible things happened common in pregnancy, but anyone can develop stretch marks in any phase of life.  Surely, No one wants them to appear on the body. There are some things you can do to reduce your risk and treat the stretch marks you already have. Recently, receiving a “Pregnancy Bodycare Kit” from Restoring Mums to pamper my Belly??

Daily Routine:

2-Step Belly & Body Care Routine

Step 1 : 1-2 pumps of Centella Hydration Serum

Step 2 : 1-2 pumps of Belly & Body Moisturising Oil Essence

?Centella Hydration Serum (50ml) HK$450

Provides 24-hour long lasting hydration for your skin. A must for pregnancy belly to support elasticity, prevent itch and stretch marks.

?Belly & Body Moisturising Oil Essence (50ml) HK$590


Combining 5 powerful organic oils of Centella Asiatica, Rosehip, Argan, Tsubaki (Japanese Camellia) and Tamanu Oil to lessen appearance of stretch marks and improve skin elasticity. This is multi-functional oil and can be used alone or added to your creams to boost skin moisturisation and to lock in moisture.

This product is unscented and comes with natural scent of unrefined oils. To enhance the scent, we recommend adding 2 pumps of Pregnancy Lux Massage Oil.

Weekly Routine:

?Brightening Body Scrub Set (70g/100ml) HK$690

Star product that lightens skin pigmentation of the tummy, underarms during pregnancy and stretch marks in postpartum.

1. Brightening Body Scrub Oil 100ml


Lightens skin hyperpigmentation, stretch marks and smooths rough skin. With skin nourishing Olive, Avocado & Jojoba Oil. To be used together with Brightening Body Scrub Exfoliator.

2. Brightening Body Scrub Exfoliator 70g

With natural exfoliant of sugar crystals, a natural source of Glycolic Acid (AHA) and Rosehip – 100% natural exfoliants. Zero plastic inside. No microbead. To be used together with Brightening Body Scrub Oil.


1. Use with dry hands and utensils.

2. Mix approximately 1 part Exfoliator and 1.5 parts Oil.

3. Mix well and scrub desired body parts. DO NOT ADD WATER!

4. Rinse off with water and pat dry with towel.


5. DO NOT wash off with soap to keep the nourishing oils on the skin.

✍️Mojo’s Products Review:

Recently, my belly often feels itchy, and the color has turned dark and dull. After using Brightening Body Scrub Set, it can effectively sloughing off the build-up dead skin,leaving the skin looking brighter, soften and the skin tone is evenly whitened. Gentle exfoliator, great choice for sensitive skin.

It is easier to absorb the following skincare products, The 2-Step Belly & Body Care Routine. Itrestores elasticity, instantly boosting skin’s luminosity and smoothness.

Mix well together with you palm and apply to belly, hands, neck, legs or hands for a boost of hydration and moisturisation. The serum well-absorbed by the skin and improve skin hydration. For the oil, it increases skin elasticity, also helps soothe itching.

I had trial on the full set of Restoring Mums “Pregnancy Bodycare Kit” for a week, most of time using on the belly and using on the whole body from time to time, just as comfortable as doing a spa?.


Mojo 試用分享:

當一知道自己懷孕真係很怕會出妊娠紋,明白當媽媽就會有所犧牲,但本來無嘅野就唔會想佢出現(就同白頭髮一樣,大家都知道老咗會出現),其實妊娠紋都唔係淨係懷孕期先至會出現,年齡或者體重大上大落都會導致出現,所以可以預防、延緩皮膚衰老、出紋嘅方法都會盡做,而最近就用上 Restoring Mums「Pregnancy Bodycare Kit」

最近肚皮經常痕癢,膚色都變得暗黑咗,用完Brightening Body Scrub Set,有效地清除係角質堆積,皮屑剝落後膚色均匀地顯白和柔,而後續每天使用的2-Step Belly & Body Care Routine更容易吸收,令肌膚回復彈性、平滑、光澤,有效鎖住水分,緊緻嫩滑。與手掌充分混合,塗抹於腹部、手部、頸部、腿部或手部,以增加水分和保濕。Serum皮膚容易吸收,改善皮膚水分。 Oil Essence 有效增加皮膚彈性,也有助於減輕肚皮瘙癢感。

全set Restoring Mums「Pregnancy Bodycare Kit」主要用於肚皮上,間中都會全身使用,就同做Spa一樣舒服?。

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? Voted Best Belly Binding Treatment – Parents Choice Award 2021

? Hong Kong’s Most Outstanding Business Awards 2022


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