正宗意大利傳統菜肴♜ Monteverdi Restaurant & Bar

週末於中環大館到此一遊後,就來到Monteverdi Restaurant & Bar 吃正宗意大利傳統菜肴。
After visiting Tai Kwun at Central last weekend,  I came to Monteverdi Restaurant & Bar for dinner.
The atmosphere is quite romantic under the dim light which is very suitable for couples.



The menu offers a wide variety of traditional Italian cuisine.




The waiter served a bread basket mixed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar after taking our order.


Calamari Rings $98
Most people think of fried calamari rings, however this appetizer replaces the thick deep fry batter with mix herbs and lemon mayo dipping sauce which can elevate the refreshing seafood flavor.


These calamari rings are chewy and irresistible but not too tough. This dish is a little bit spicy and appetizing which can awaken your taste buds.



Tagliatelle with Fresh Porcini Mushroom in Cream Sauce $260
這碟意粉為是日Special Menu,不在a la carte單點菜單。
This pasta is shown in special menu but not in a la carte menu.


肥嘟嘟的鮮牛肝菌帶有泥土芳香,寬扁麵煮出Al dente輕微韌度的口感,每一根都掛上濃滑的奶香。
You can easily taste the earthy flavor of these thick fresh porcini. Tagliatelle is al dente and is well-mixed with rich creamy sauce.


Grilled Pork Chop (Signature) $310
This thick and well-grilled pork chop looks like lamb rack, pork meat has a higher level of fat compared to poultry or many cuts of beef, and that soluble fat is also able to absorb and retain flavors very well. 


Usually pork chop tends to dry out easier but this thick pork chop still remains juicy, tender and flavorful.


Chocolate Mousse $78
The chocolate mousse is wrapped in delicate and soft cakes which provides multi-layered texture.


The chocolate mousse is creamy with an intense chocolate taste which can satisfy any chocoholic.


Monteverdi Restaurant & Bar 
中環威靈頓街33號The Loop7樓



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